Smart Buildings

When a Billionaire Who Wants to be an Architect Works with an Architect Who Wants to be a Billionaire!

“I think this building is more futuristic than the latest Blade Runner movie,” said London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Bloomberg LP’s new European Headquarters in the British capital. After 30 years in London the media agency is bringing staff from its four campuses into one huge and futuristic office building, a building that took nearly 10 years to build. “Some people say that the reason it took us almost a decade to build this is that we had a billionaire who wanted to be an architect working with an architect who wanted to be a billionaire,” joked New York’s former Mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP, Michael Bloomberg. Located on the site of a former Roman temple, the building lies between the Bank of England and St Paul’s Cathedral, it responds to its historic context, yet is uniquely of its place and time. It is a true exemplar of sustainable […]

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Smart Buildings

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In this Research Note, we examine the flexible workspace technology business of essensys, based on their full-year results announcement of 18th October 2022, investor presentations, annual report and activities throughout the year. Listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since 2019, Essensys provides a SaaS platform and on-demand cloud services which are the […]

Smart Buildings

Mapping View Inc.’s Smart Building Strategy

View is one of the most well-known brands in the area of dynamic glass and smart windows, which are becoming an increasingly common element in smart buildings. As a start-up, View rose to unicorn status in 2018 with support from a range of top investment funds and it was one of the first smart building […]

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