Lighting Positions Itself at the Heart of Smart Buildings

The first electric light was made by English scientist, Humphry Davy, in 1800 and later improved by compatriot Sir Joseph Wilson Swan. In 1877, American Charles Francis Brush began the electric light’s commercialisation before Thomas Edison’s experiments led to the style of light bulb we used for the next 100 years or so. None of these men, nor the many other people involved in creating the early light bulb, could have imagined the place that the humble light bulb could take in today’s smart society. Lighting today owes a lot to Soviet inventor Oleg Losev, who reportedly created the first light-emitting diode (LED) in 1927, but it was over half century until LED lighting showed its true potential. Its low power needs and longer life allowed it to ride the wave of energy efficiency, while also making it possible to power through ethernet cables. It’s faster switching capability opened up the possibility of light communication, […]

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