Live Event: How Tenants & Landlords Can Work Together to Reduce Energy Consumption

How can tenants and landlords work together to reduce energy consumption in their commercial buildings?

Join us on Thursday 16th November (1130 Paris | 1030 London | 1430 Dubai) when we will be joined by Ian Pierce from British Land to discuss how tenants and landlords can collaborate to reduce their building energy consumption.

Ian will be sharing learnings from their HVAC optimisation strategy which has helped British Land reduce their heating/cooling energy consumption by 33% (year-on-year comparison) in their Storey space at 100 Liverpool Street, London.

Learn how to improve your HVAC Optimisation strategy to understand the usage of your space and automatically alter air conditioning operations, reducing demand where it isn’t needed.

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Energy Consumption British Land

What We Will Be Discussing About Energy Consumption

Ian will show how, as part of their HVAC optimisation strategy, using their smart building platform BL:Connected they have been able to reduce heating & cooling energy consumption by 33% (year-on-year comparison) for 100 Liverpool Street, London.

Through 45,000 sq ft of space, British Land has delivered an Optimisation Strategy that understands the usage of each space and automatically alters the air conditioning operations, reducing the demand where it isn’t needed.

They use a range of building technologies to gather the data to facilitate such decisions, from occupancy sensors, air quality sensors, access control entries, lighting PIR sensors, and meeting room bookings. For July 2023 alone, they optimised over 300,000 minutes of air conditioning unit operations.

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