Smart Buildings

Live Event: How Can Smart Building Technology Become Mainstream?

What is it going to take for the Commercial Real Estate Industry to adopt Smart Building Technology at scale?

Outcomes MUST Outweigh Cost! Until then, CRE Investors will never be fully convinced of the benefits of smart building technology & PropTech in general.

Join us for a FREE LinkedIn Live Event on Thursday 26th October (1000 Paris | 0900 London | 1200 Dubai) with Adrien Pierson from iviva discussing how smart building technology can become mainstream and the findings from our joint white paper earlier this year.

A compelling mix of Sustainability, Compliance & Net Zero Targets are driving market growth but how long will it be before we can say Smart Buildings are really Mainstream?

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Smart Building Technology Mainstream

What We Will Be Discussing About Smart Building Technology

Sustainability implies smart(er) buildings. Smart building technology becoming mainstream will NOT come from the smart buildings themselves but from the tangible outcomes they bring (ESG reporting, the ability to retain & attract tenants, employee satisfaction, personal and cyber safety etc). Smart building technology will only be seen as a cost to investors, owners & operators until the outcomes outweigh the cost.

80% of buildings standing today will still be standing in 2050 (in Western Countries) when the world wants to be Net Zero. This implies that retrofitting is the key to achieving the global target of Net Zero. With IoT technology becoming more affordable, smart building technology will become more widespread as retrofitting becomes easier to implement and more affordable.

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