Live Stream: Navigating Hybrid Work. A Toolkit for Building Successful Strategies

How can your organization successfully navigate the shift to hybrid work?

Transitioning to a hybrid model involves complex considerations, from understanding work patterns and formulating evidence-driven policies that best leverage the benefits of data and technology.

Join us for a FREE LinkedIn Live Event on Tuesday 6th June (1600 Paris | 1500 London | 1000 New York) with Asaël Akkerman to discuss the publication of our joint white paper with Spacewell on navigating the shift to hybrid work.

The white paper distils key considerations, and strategic insights, and demonstrates how companies can harness technology effectively in their hybrid work strategies.

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Hybrid Work Live Event

What We Will Be Discussing About Hybrid Work

  • An Inconvenient Truce! At the heart of hybrid work lies an inconvenient truce. Managers, who tend to favour a return to the office are in a tug of war with employees, who frequently favour the flexibility afforded by remote work.
  • The Office Space Dilemma. While there has been a steady increase in the number of workers returning to the office in recent months, some startling projections from industry leaders point to worrying prospects in relation to future demand for office space.
  • Charting Your Own Course. Our white paper argues for an alternative path. Instead of advocating for polarized views, we will present a nuanced, adaptable and transformative framework that empowers organizations to chart their own course.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge to transition seamlessly to a sustainable, future-ready work model. Let’s explore the transformative potential of hybrid work, together!

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