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M&A and Investments in Smart Buildings H1 2019

Smart Building Deal Tracking Service

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Published Date

H1 2019

Report Contents

14 Charts, 70 Pages

Memoori has launched a Brand New Service Tracking M&A and Investments in Smart Building Companies.

This new service tracking M&A and investments in smart buildings H1-2019 is the first edition of a regular update which will be published on a half-yearly basis. This first edition consists of;

A Set of 70 Presentation Slides containing detailed analysis, notable acquisitions and investments and 40 profiles of acquisitions, buyers, investments and investors.

A Spreadsheet of Acquisitions covering 2.5 years since Jan 2017, including date, description, deal values, revenues and exit multiples where disclosed.

A Spreadsheet of Investments covering 2.5 years since Jan 2017, including funding type, date, description, value and investors where disclosed.

Our analysis reveals which companies are being funded or acquired as well as which established players are attracting growth equity or acquiring technology to augment their portfolios. It pulls together data relating to 7 key categories (see below) from the diverse smart buildings space; specifically Building Fabric, Physical Security & Safety, Building Energy Management, Internet of Things in Buildings, Smart Home, Smart Building to Smart Grid and Proptech.

What Our Research Will Tell You?

  • The first half of 2019 ended strongly, with 161 funding rounds in the smart buildings space raising a total of $1,799 million, surpassing the high levels of investment seen in H1-2018 when 156 funding rounds attracted $1,458 million.
  • The number of acquisitions in H1-2019 (115) was also broadly equivalent to the record level of 116 acquisitions in H1-2018, indicating a similar level of M&A activity this year.
  • This is the most complete and up-to-date report tracking VC/PE funding and M&A in the global smart buildings space, with an analysis of notable deals and most active investors and buyers during H1-2019; drawing comparisons with the last 2 years.

The information and analysis within our Deal Tracking Service is based on extensive and continuous research in the Smart Building Space. It benefits from Memoori’s previous research over the last 2 years on subjects such as StartUps the Building Internet of Things (BIoT), Big Data, Security and Occupancy Analytics.

It demonstrates the critical contribution that Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance is making to the introduction of innovation in the Smart Buildings space.

Within its 70 Pages and 14 Charts and Tables, The Report Sieves out all the Key Facts and Draws Conclusions, so you can Understand how M&A and Investment is Shaping the Future of the Smart Building Industry

This First Edition of our Deal Tracking service, entitled M&A and Investments in Smart Buildings, H1-2019, consists of 70 slides in landscape format and supporting Excel files with complete listings of acquisitions and investments covering 2.5 years since January 2017, based on Memoori’s relational database of deals.

The slides also include 20 company profiles of acquisitions and investments together with 20 profiles of buyers and investment firms, presenting our view of their respective strategies and significant M&A or investment activity.

Memoori covers investments focused on the facility operations and management stage of the building lifecycle, across 7 segments – IoT in Buildings, PropTech, Building Energy Management, Physical Security and Life Safety, Building-to-Grid, Building Fabric and Smart Home.

Starting at only USD $1,500 for a Single User License; this research provides valuable information into how companies are developing their businesses through acquisitions, investments and alliances.

Who Should Buy This Report?

The information contained in this report will be of value to all those engaged in managing, operating and investing in smart building companies around the world. In particular, those wishing to invest in or acquire companies will find it particularly useful.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Summary of M&A H1-2019
      • Number of Acquisition H1-2017 to H1-2019
      • Highest Value Acquisitions 2018 & 2019
      • Notable Acquisitions H1-2019: Commercial & Industrial Sector
      • Notable Acquisitions H1-2019: Residential Sector
      • Notable Acquisitions: Information Sources
      • Acquisition Profiles: Dude Solutions, entic, Euclid, FirstFuel Software,, Powerhouse Dynamics, Buoy Labs, Leanheat, Ocea Smart Building, tiko
      • IPO Profile: Essensys
      • Buyer Profiles: ACRE, CBRE, Engie, Halma, Nemetschek, Resideo, Siemens, Signify, Tendril, WeWork
    2. Investments
      • Summary of Investments H1-2019
      • Volume and Value of Investments H1-2017 to H1-2019
      • Highest Funded Companies 2018 to 2019
      • Funding Rounds by Sector H1-2019
      • Notable Investments H1-2019: Commercial & Industrial Sector
      • Notable Investments H1-2019: Residential Sector
      • Notable Investments: Information Sources
      • Investment Profiles: Apana, Aquicore, Carbon Lighthouse, Disruptive Technologies, Measurabl, Sense, Sensoro, Shepherd, Terminus Technologies, Youdian
      • Investor Profiles: Allegion Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Energy Impact Partners, Fifth Wall Ventures, Innogy Innovation Hub, JCI Ventures, JLL, next47, Schneider Electric Ventures, Shell Ventures

List of Charts and Figures

  • Smart Building Technology Categories Included in our Research
  • Number of Acquisitions per Half Year H1-2017 to H1-2019
  • Number of Acquisitions in H1-2019 by Sub-Sector
  • H1-2019 Highest Value Acquisitions in $ Millions
  • 2018 Acquisitions Valued at $1 Billion and over
  • Notable Acquisitions: Commercial, Industrial & Residential Sectors H1-2019
  • Number of Investments per Half-Year H1-2017 to H1-2019
  • Value of investments in $ Millions H1-2017 to H1-2019
  • Top Five Deals by Value in H1-2019 ($ Millions)
  • Highest Funded Companies in 2018 ($ millions)
  • Number of Investments in H1-2019 by Sub-Sector
  • Notable Investments: Commercial, Industrial & Residential Sectors H1-2019

List of Tables

  • Listing of M&A Deals covering 2.5 years since Jan 2017, including date, description, deal values, revenues and exit multiples where disclosed
  • Listing of Investment Deals covering 2.5 years since Jan 2017, including funding type, date, description, value and investors where disclosed.

Companies Mentioned INCLUDE (BUT NOT LIMITED TO);

1Aim | ACRE | Acuity Brands | ADT | Advanced Microgrid Solutions | agta record | Amazon | AnyVision | Apana | Aquicore | Arm | Assa Abloy | Autogrid | Buoy Labs | Carbon Lighthouse | CBRE | Chamberlain Group | Changhuxi Technology | Control4 | Convergint Technologies | Cree Lighting | Cushman & Wakefield | Danfoss | Delta Electronics | Disruptive Technologies | dormakaba | Dude Solutions | EcoFactor | EcoGuard | eero | Elevion | Engie | Entic | Envizi | Esri | Essensys | Euclid | Fifth Wall | FirstFuel Software | Halma | HqO | | IndoorAtlas | Ingersoll Rand | JLL | Leanheat | Limejump | Logical Buildings | Managed by Q | Matterport | Measurabl | Modcam | Nemetschek | Ocea Smart Building | Panasonic Security Systems | Pavegen | Pelco | Resideo | Robin | Securitas | Senseware | Sensoro | Shell New Energies | Shepherd Network | Shine | Siemens | Signify | Software Motor Company | sonnen | TDSi | Tempered Networks | Tendril Networks | tiko | Verkada | Waltz | WeWork | Zwipe

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