Smart Buildings

The Power Station you don’t need to Build; Smart Buildings + The Smart Grid

Much of the focus in the energy debate today surrounds the switch from heavily polluting fossil fuels, to greener and more renewable alternatives for electricity production. However, much greater gains are to be had from the increase of efficiency throughout the power system, from production through to the end user. Smart Grids and Smart Buildings lie at the heart of efficiency, they represent the power station you don’t need to build. In our report The Market for Connecting Smart Grid with BEMS 2013 to 2017 we argue it is imperative that Smart Buildings and Smart Grids work together to both achieve the maximum benefits in reducing energy consumption; and at the same time for Smart Buildings to feed distributed clean energy into the grid allowing the Utilities to reduce their CO2 emissions by gradually closing down central fossil fired generating plants. The modern energy industry is characterised by its diversity. Traditional sources of energy, such […]

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Smart Buildings

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At first glance, the BKW group, a former nuclear power plant operator, part-owned by the Canton of Bern local government, seems an unlikely major contender in the Swiss building automation solutions and services market. However, two recent contracts awarded to Sigren Engineering, part of the BKW Building Solutions network, reinforce BKW as one of the leading Swiss players for […]


Megvii Announces $935M IPO as China’s AI Dragons Prepare to Fly

“As a society, we have experienced three distinct industrial revolutions: steam power, electricity, and information technology. I believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the engine fueling the fourth industrial revolution globally, digitizing and automating everywhere,” says Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and author of ‘AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future’. “China is at the […]

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