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Smart Buildings

Market Fragmentation & the “Uber-ization” of Facilities Management – Charles Reed Anderson

November 29th, 2019
Smart Buildings

The Smart Building Method – A New Perspective on a Fragmented Industry

November 9th, 2018
Smart Buildings

Workplace-as-a-Service is Changing the Office Landscape Forever

The workplace is constantly developing but the evolution currently underway is changing all the rules. Facilitated by technology, workplaces are progressively getting smarter and greener but the evolutionary change comes from unprecedented new levels of flexibility. Flexible spaces, flexible hours and even flexible locations are all coming together with technology to create the Workplace-as-a-Service. “The […]

Smart Buildings

The Smart Redevelopment Conundrum: New Build vs Retrofit

Smart building technology has demonstrated its worth in recent years, and this is creating some difficult choices for building owners, namely; get smarter or risk losing tenants, and then either retrofit your current building or start fresh with a purpose built smart building. Commercial property owners must consider all the options before they start to […]

Smart Cities

Apps Will be as Important to Smart Cities as they are to Smartphones

“The primary challenge to building a smart city has nothing to do with pouring concrete and erecting steel beams. It’s knowing better the city’s flows to optimize the city for its inhabitants. It’s turning all of the data that comes streaming in from myriad sources into actionable information,” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, founder and CEO […]

Smart Cities

The 4 Types of Data that Serve the Enterprise & the Environment

Climate change is an inescapable truth for businesses in the modern world. The enterprise in all shapes and forms must make efforts to reduce wastefulness through efficiency and innovation, while also generating energy and materials through sustainable sources; such as renewable energy, recycling or “green” office culture. However, these initiatives are often at odds with, […]

Smart Buildings

IWMS Software Firms Leverage IoT Sensor Technology for Real Time Space Utilization

This article was written by Daphne Tomlinson Independent Senior Research Associate at Memoori. The leading vendors of IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) software are joining the ranks of smart building technology providers by upgrading their offerings to IoT-enabled solutions. Workplace management companies are moving beyond manual occupancy data collection by leveraging the benefits of the […]

Smart Buildings

Automated to Smart to Cognitive: The Past & Future of Buildings

Once upon a time, a building was just a building, providing shelter from the elements and a space to meet its specific objectives. Most buildings needed light and ventilation, heating or cooling, and often some form of access control. These needs created opportunities for service providers to offer better and more efficient systems to suit […]

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