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Modern Workers Need Agility to Navigate the Challenges of the Open-Plan Workplace

September 2nd, 2019
Smart Buildings

Keeping Up with the Data Demands of the Millennial Generation’s Smart Buildings

September 21st, 2018
Smart Buildings

In This Age of Smart Workplaces, Is it About Time We Had Smarter Desks?

Office workers are Increasingly finding themselves surrounded by smart technology in the workplace. High-tech access control systems, personalized environmental controls, even circadian lighting systems that mimic the rhythms of the sun to support better health and wellbeing. However, the vast mojority of office workers spend their days sitting at dumb old workstations made of four […]


Can Office Lighting Really Make You More Productive?

The right type of office light can make you more productive. This is a concept we’ve been hearing more and more in recent years, albeit mainly from lighting vendors and those promoting their smart buildings that feature “human-centric” lighting. So is this all just bogus science being used to reinvent the light bulb or is […]

Smart Cities

WeWork: Millennial Fad or New Era for the Workplace?

During a recent visit to one of the two WeWork coworking office buildings in Seoul’s Gangnam district, I was met with DJs setting up speakers in the meeting space we normally use. “There’s a party here later. Let’s head to the 10th floor, they have a new craft beer in the lounge up there,” I […]

Smart Buildings

Workplace-as-a-Service is Changing the Office Landscape Forever

The workplace is constantly developing but the evolution currently underway is changing all the rules. Facilitated by technology, workplaces are progressively getting smarter and greener but the evolutionary change comes from unprecedented new levels of flexibility. Flexible spaces, flexible hours and even flexible locations are all coming together with technology to create the Workplace-as-a-Service. “The […]

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Audio: From Smart Cities to Conscious Cities!

Here is the Audio Stream from our 12th Free Webinar in the 2017 Smart Buildings Series. From Smart Cities to Conscious Cities! Memoori Talks to Josh Artus from The Centric Lab about building a more resilient & future-proofed built environment by considering human outcomes. Don’t Forget you can now Subscribe to ALL our Webinars on […]

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