Circadian Rhythm


COVID Lights the Path to Workplace Consolidation & Smarter Buildings

March 16th, 2021
Smart Buildings

Health is Just a Factor of Wellbeing, & Wellbeing is Key to Workplace Productivity

October 5th, 2020

University Whitepaper Sees Human-Centric Lighting Reaching Tipping Point in Workplaces

The evidence around the impact of lighting on humans is growing. The science of the circadian rhythm is demonstrating the effect of light on health and wellbeing; attracting attention from building owners and operators looking to add value to their properties. The emerging concepts around human-centric lighting (HCL) is highlighting the poor performance of our […]


Putting Human-Centric Lighting in the Hands of Designers for the First Time

“Human-centric lighting (HCL) is an inevitable reality for the future of lighting,” states our recent report on the emerging HCL market. “It may take some time but as the cost of tunable lighting comes down, the lure of health and productivity benefits will make HCL a standard feature in lighting for all kinds of buildings. […]


Cloudy Skies, Dark Winters, Old Buildings & Human-Centric Lighting!

The Global Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) market will be worth an estimated $849 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to approximately $3.5 billion in 2024, representing a 32.75% CAGR over the next five years. That’s according to our latest report The Human Centric Lighting Market 2019 to 2024: Global Market Prospects, Impacts & Opportunities, […]


The Natural Future For Artificial Light in Smart Buildings

Lights tuned to emit specific colors and brightnesses can support human capacity to perform specific activities better. That is the basis of the Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) industry, which has been growing at an increasing rate in recent years. If HCL can prove its abilities, it could soon be commonplace in our buildings and cities, creating […]


The Future of Lighting is Not About Energy Saving, it is About People

“Human-centric lighting” has been around for five years or more but its definition is still unclear. The term itself is a bit of a misnomer in the sense that most lighting has been focused on humans, long before lighting even became electric. Like “smart,” “intelligent,” and other technology buzzwords of our time, human-centric has emerged […]

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