Webinar: BioCentric Lighting – Benefiting Health through Individual Light

Please Join us on Tuesday 17th December 1700 CET | 1600 GMT | 10000 EST for our 12th FREE Webinar in the 2019 Smart Buildings Series.

This is a FREE Q&A Webinar with Truls Löwgren from BrainLit discussing the emerging field of Lighting for health and wellbeing. What Impact will Lighting have in Making our Buildings Healthy?

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What We Will Be Discussing;

* Light for health and wellbeing is an emerging field. In the scientific community, there is now more and more understanding of how light influences the human physiology. With this comes the understanding of the fundamental position lighting will have, in making our buildings healthy.

* In the lighting market mass adoption of light for health and wellbeing is just beginning. Poor understanding of what light for health is and mixed messages from providers, has so far failed to create a sense of security for the user. More sophisticated lighting systems are needed, adding adaption for individual needs. Standardization is also required to make decisions easier for the end user and for the industry to work in the same direction.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear an industry leader discuss their thoughts on human-centric lighting and how it could benefit the smart building industry!

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