CO2 Levels

Smart Buildings

Airthings Commercial Building Business Examined

January 20th, 2023
Smart Buildings

Harvard Study Supports the Growing Body of Research Linking Air Quality to Productivity

April 16th, 2018
Smart Cities

Will A Smart Office Really Make Us More Productive?

“Buildings are crucial enablers of economic activity but, if we’re honest about it, they frequently fail to live up to our collective expectations based on our experiences everywhere we live, work and play”, begins a new report by Schneider Electric’s, Preeti Bajaj. We have talked a lot about smart buildings providing more than just energy […]

Smart Buildings,Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Buildings: The Reaction From COP21

“History will remember this day,” said Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the United Nations, moments after a green, leaf-shaped gavel was dropped on the most ambitious, far-reaching deal on addressing climate change that the world has ever seen – United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). Perhaps the event’s most encouraging element was the large number […]

Smart Buildings

Smart Building Management System Combats Office Drowsiness

New studies into common afternoon drowsiness experienced by office workers have created an opportunity for the smart building industry to tackle the issue. While most experts agree that mid-afternoon is a perfectly natural time to sleep, the office environment simultaneously adds additional drowsiness drivers and a sleep-impeding atmosphere. This universal workplace phenomenon, known as the […]

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