Continuous Commissioning


Silvair’s Lighting-based Building Intelligence Business Examined

October 13th, 2022
Smart Cities

Policy Not Technology Stands in the Way of Greener Buildings

March 31st, 2021
Smart Buildings

Legacy Procurement Practices Continue to Hold Back the Building IoT Market

Construction methodology is still, for the most part, archaic. It starts with a strategic definition, where a business case is developed around the client’s requirements and budgets, and sites are appraised. Once the project is defined, preparation and briefing can begin, where budgets, outcomes and aspirations are refined further and feasibility can be studied. Next, […]

Complimentary Article
Smart Buildings

ASHRAE Standard 223P: Building Interoperability With Bricks and Haystacks

Late last month, the ASHRAE BACnet committee, Project Haystack and the Brick initiative announced they are actively collaborating to integrate Haystack tagging and Brick data modeling concepts into the new proposed ASHRAE Standard 223P for semantic tagging of building data. Defined as “designation and classification of semantic tags for building data” the ASHRAE Standard 223P […]

Smart Buildings

New Partnerships Underline IBM’s Smart Building Ambitions

Last week, KONE, a global company in the elevator and escalator industry, entered into an agreement with tech giant IBM, where KONE will use IBM’s technology and experience to harness the potential of digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart buildings. KONE stated that it “will use IBM’s Watson IoT Cloud Platform to […]

Smart Buildings

Is the Building Internet of Things Across the Chasm?

This article was written by Therese Sullivan from To me it feels like the market for software and services supporting data-driven commercial building operations a.k.a. the Building Internet of Things (BIoT) — is moving into a higher gear. So to think through the shifting momentum, I took out my Crossing the Chasm Colorforms and […]


Audio: The Future of Lighting Controls & Energy Management in Buildings

For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Stream from our 6th Free Webinar in the 2015 Smart Building Series… The Future of Lighting Controls & Energy Management in Buildings. Q&A with Steve Kear of Cylon Controls & Jason Hanna of Digital Lumens; both vastly experienced, providing perspectives from […]

Smart Buildings

Microsoft & Iconics Partner on Washington Smart Buildings Project

King County in Washington State, US, is launching a 2-year pilot project of the Smart Buildings Energy Tracking System (SBETS); new software that helps reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Using software developed by Microsoft partner Iconics and MacDonald Miller Facility Solutions; SBETS is based on Microsoft’s cloud and business intelligence platforms. The pilot project […]

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