Deep Learning

Smart Buildings

AI Applications Spreading Across the Smart Buildings Landscape

May 10th, 2024

What’s Behind the Acquisition of Dedrone by Axon?

May 8th, 2024
Complimentary Article AI Interface Commercial Buildings
Smart Buildings

Recording: AI as an Interface for Commercial Buildings

Here is the recording and presentation from our live stream with Jonathan McFarlane from PlaceOS discussing how AI Large Language Models (LLMs) will change the way we interact with our buildings. The future of building system user interfaces is not dashboards! Artificial Intelligence, and specifically LLMs, will change commercial building system interactions from “point & […]

AI Commercial Buildings 2024
Smart Buildings

Mapping the Global Landscape of AI in Commercial Buildings 2024

The artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in commercial buildings is rapidly evolving. Significant growth in the number and size of companies offering AI-enabled products and services in commercial real estate has been growing around the world in recent years. The private sector has seen a sharp rise in AI development and with that, the number of […]

Evolv Technology 2023

Evolv Technology Weapons Detection Business & 2023 Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine Evolv Technology, a US public company providing AI-based weapons detection for security screening. This article covers the firm’s 2023 financial results, partners, vertical market approach, and US government investigations. It is based on Evolv’s Q4 Earnings Release, Presentation, 2023 10K Report, filed on 29th February 2024 and our analysis. […] for business
Security Connected Property Business & 2023 Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine, a US provider of physical security, intelligent automation, and energy management solutions for smart homes and commercial real estate. This analysis highlights their 2023 financial results announced on 22nd February 2024, business model, strategy and M&A, based on their 2023 10K Report, investor presentations, and news throughout the […]

Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings
Smart Buildings

Charting the Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market for commercial buildings is being driven by advancements in machine learning, data availability, and computing power, according to our latest AI market research. Our meta-analysis forecasts that the broader Artificial Intelligence market is predicted to reach over $500 billion globally by 2026, representing a 20.9% compound annual growth rate […]

Complimentary Article Artificial Intelligence Market Commercial Buildings
Smart Buildings

The Artificial Intelligence Market in Commercial Buildings

Here is the recording and presentation from last’s week livestream discussing our new research which explores the growing role that Artificial Intelligence is playing within commercial buildings. Our new market analysis looks at the progress that has occurred both in the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence broadly and its specialized applications enabling smarter, more sustainable, and […]

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