Future Funding of AI Technology Will Become More Targeted

September 24th, 2018
Smart Cities

AI Set To Spawn A New Era In Data Driven Healthcare

January 11th, 2018
Smart Cities

DeepMind and National Grid Announce Potential Partnership

An electricity grid has often been equated to a central nervous system, sending signals across its extensive network to bring its body of connections to life. Like a central nervous system the power grid needs a brain to turn intention into action, one that can learn and anticipate in order to develop efficiency and functionality. […]

Smart Buildings

The Innovative Startups that could bring AI & Blockchain to Smart Buildings

The world is full of new technologies promising to reshape society but perhaps none are more exciting and wide-ranging than artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. The smart building sector has begun to embrace and understand the potential of these technologies for its own continued growth. “With the advent of artificial intelligence in the smart building […]

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