Smart Buildings

New EU Regulations Could Become the Global Standard for AI Development

May 25th, 2021
Smart Cities

Leaping from the COVID Frying Pan into the Climate Fire

July 27th, 2020
Smart Cities

The Future Workplace for an Aging Workforce

The aging workforce is an issue discussed a lot in smart building and future workplace circles. More often than not it is mentioned in the context of a demographic bulge that will quickly disappear from the workforce, leaving a big hole that must be addressed through tech-rich workplaces that will attract younger workers. This idea […]

Smart Buildings

New EU Energy Targets Create Huge Opportunity for Smart Buildings

On the October 24th 2014, the EU approved its long awaited targets for emission cuts, energy savings and clean energy. The announcement has been met with significant criticism from the environmental lobby, for their less than ambitious targets, but those within the energy efficiency industry can see the big opportunities the new goals could bring. […]

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