Smart Buildings

Smart Building Protocols Strive for Greater Cybersecurity

June 2nd, 2022
Smart Buildings

Technology Alliances Tackle Thorny Issue of Interoperability in Smart Buildings

June 30th, 2020
Smart Cities

Launch Of Cityverve’s IoT Initiative puts Manchester on the Smart Cities Map

Technology firm Asset Mapping recently announced that it has connected a secure Internet of Things (IoT) gateway to Manchester Science Partnership’s (MSP) Citylabs 1.0 building. The announcement marks the first deployment of the smart cities demonstrator CityVerve. “I could not be prouder of having hit such a significant milestone. After all, this is the first […]

Smart Buildings

Dell launches Internet of Things Gateway powered by Ubuntu Core

Last month, Dell launched an Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway powered by Ubuntu Core, and the product is already being tested to demonstrate how it can be used to run the smart buildings of the future. The gateway will process sensor data at the edge of a network, providing users with flexibility to perform analytics […]

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