Mass Notification


Motorola Solutions Video Surveillance Business Examined

March 6th, 2023

Halma Fire & Security Business and 2022 Financials Examined

July 8th, 2022

Everbridge Expands IoT Portfolio with Acquisitions of Connexient & CNL Software

This article was written by Daphne Tomlinson, Senior Research Associate at Memoori. Everbridge recently filed a 10K SEC document reporting 2 acquisitions which enhance their Critical Event Management suite of solutions and broaden support for IoT applications in commercial buildings. The NASDAQ listed public company, reported revenue in 2019 was $200.9 million, an increase of […]

Smart Buildings

A Sound Smart Building? Hearables in the Built Environment

Phones ring, elevators ding, light switches click, access control systems beep, and alarms blare out. Sound is a very present but little considered form of human-machine interface within our evolving smart buildings. However, recent technological innovations and creative new approaches take us beyond dings and beeps, potentially making “sound” a fresh interface market for smart […]


Consolidation in the North American Mass Notification Software Market

This article was written by Daphne Tomlinson of Tomlinson Business Research With increased risk of terrorist activities and incidents both in the workplace and in public places, businesses need effective platforms to notify personnel in their facilities as to what is happening, where it is happening and how to respond in an emergency situation or […]

Smart Cities

Many Cities Are Not Being Smart About Cyber Security

Our cities are getting smarter. Some are smarter than others but the breadth of development suggests that almost all large urban areas will one day be smart in one way or another. As with all digital things, connectivity means vulnerability, and if we continue to neglect cyber security in the age of connectivity then the […]

Smart Cities

Dallas Cyber Attack Sounds The Alarm For All Smart Cities

Approaching midnight on a seemingly normal Friday night in Dallas, Texas, when the city’s emergency sirens start to sound. Too early for tornado season, the confused citizens begin to panic, many jump to horrifying conclusions after a week of news that included North Korean missile testing and use of chemical weapons in Syria. Living in […]


Difficult Times Ahead for Physical Security But Growth Opportunities Are Still Available For Those With The Right Products and Services

One of the most encouraging conclusions from Memoori’s 3rd annual report The Physical Security Business in 2011 is that the Physical Security Industry has out performed most of its peers; and despite a troubled economic climate it has increased revenues and profitability whilst merger and acquisition has surged by more than double in the last […]

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