Workplace Optimisation

Smart Buildings

Consolidation in the Workplace Experience Market as Witco Acquires SharingCloud

June 18th, 2024
Smart Buildings

Who Are the Smart Building Startups Gaining Traction in 2024?

June 12th, 2024
Occupancy Analytics Hybrid Work Flowscape
Smart Buildings

Flowscape Workplace Management Business & 2023 Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine the Swedish workplace management solutions vendor, Flowscape Technology AB, based on their year-end report for 2023, issued on 21st February 2024, Q4-2023 presentation, and subsequent announcements on changes in senior management. The firm is a small SaaS provider of digital workplace solutions for the hybrid office. The business concept was […]

Mapspeople Results 2023
Smart Buildings

MapsPeople Indoor Mapping Business & 2023 Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine MapsPeople, a Danish public company providing indoor mapping and navigation software. This analysis, covering their latest financial results, channel and vertical market focus, PointInside acquisition, and 2024 outlook, updating our previous Research Note in May 2023. Founded in 1997, MapsPeople is a subscription-based SaaS company based in Nørresundby, Denmark […]

SmartSpace Software Acquisition by SignIn Solutions
Smart Buildings

What’s Behind the Acquisition of SmartSpace Software by Sign In Solutions?

This Research Note examines what’s behind the acquisition of UK-listed company, SmartSpace Software by visitor management software firm, Sign In Solutions, agreed by the shareholders on 18th April 2024. We review the bidding war started by Skedda, assess the terms of the offer, and highlight the respective businesses in workplace management solutions. Competing Bids On […]

Nordomatic 2024 Map
Smart Buildings

Mapping the Strategic Direction of Nordomatic in Smart Buildings

In this Research Note, we explore the strategic direction of Nordomatic, the leading independent BMS systems integrator in Scandinavia. This Research Note examines the company’s strategic priorities in the smart commercial buildings space. through mapping M&A and investment activity to ascertain the growth ambitions of the business from 2019 to date. Founded in 1967 and headquartered in […]

Trane Technologies 2023
Smart Buildings

Trane Technologies Commercial HVAC Business 2023 Examined

In this Research Note, we examine the 2023 business and financials of Trane Technologies, based on their full-year results announced on 1st February 2024, their 2023 10K Report and other announcements. Acquisitions, strategic investments and partnerships in the last 12 months are also highlighted. Since becoming a public company in 2020, Trane Technologies has positioned […]

Smart Buildings Private Equity
Smart Buildings

Influx of Capital from Private Equity Powers Smart Building Tech Space

This Research Note examines recent private equity backing of companies in the building technology space, with a focus on commercial real estate. We reviewed this topic in January 2022 in the context of growth in hybrid workplace technology. Since then, PE investors have continued to support software and technology-focused companies across the sector. There are […]

Intelligent Building Occupancy Behavior
Smart Buildings

Occupant Behavior as an Intelligent Building System Capable of Learning

Intelligent building technology seeks to find the balance between reducing energy consumption and providing the ideal environment for occupants. However, numerous studies from around the world have found that by simply equipping occupants with greater knowledge on their energy use, significant energy savings can be made from behavioral change alone. This kind of ‘occupant development’ […]

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