The Global Market for Human-Centric Lighting will be Worth $849m in 2019

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) goes beyond simply providing illumination for the built environment. It seeks to realign humans with our natural rhythms by mimicking the progression of sunlight throughout the day. Thereby triggering biological responses that make workers more productive, help patients heal faster and even enhance student learning. Our new report is a comprehensive guide to the Human-Centric Lighting industry, from the science and technology, to potential applications, drivers and barriers, as well as a detailed exploration of the global market over the next 5 years. We explore who the key players are and the opportunities for startups, as well as the regional differences in this rapidly emerging market. A global market worth $849m USD in 2019 has developed around this technology and we expect it to reach $3.5 billion by 2024, a 32.75% CAGR over the 5 years. Europe is leading the way in Human-Centric Lighting with a $395m market that currently represents 46% […]

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