Smart Buildings

Unmanageable Smart Building Complexity is Holding Back Progress

“A record is a circular lump of vinyl into which is embossed a series of bumps and grooves, that when rotated and a fine needle run in said grooves, emits sounds we call music. If the grooves get damaged, the needle sticks in a hollow and endlessly repeats the same series of sounds,” reads an article by BSRIA. “We don’t have these problems anymore. Because we have digital, and I can listen to “The Girl from Ipanema” on various electronic devices scattered not just throughout the house but tucked in various crevices around my person. Well, I would if I could, but I can’t get iTunes to recognize a file downloaded to one device to playback on another. The software won’t tell me why. It sits there, literally and metaphorically mute.” “This, as an analog for smart technologies in buildings, is pretty much where we are today: adding complexity to comfort systems to meet supposedly […]

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Smart Buildings

EnOcean: The Latest Smart Buildings Firm to Ride the SPAC Wave

The alternative IPO trend continues as German firm EnOcean announces its intention to implement a reverse merger with a SPAC to take them public early next year. Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have proved a popular route for companies to list on the stock market without the rigmarole of a traditional IPO process. However, more […]

Smart Buildings

Mapping Cushman & Wakefield Strategy in Smart Buildings

This Research Note examines the emerging strategic priorities of Cushman & Wakefield in the smart commercial buildings space. We have mapped M&A, divestments, strategic partnerships and investment activity to ascertain the growth ambitions of the business, categorizing the various business relationships by technology and investment type over a 3-year period. This article is intended as a non-exhaustive indicator of Cushman […]

Smart Buildings

Siemens Buildings Business & 2022 Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine the Buildings business of Siemens, which operates within the Smart Infrastructure (SI) division, based on their Q4 press conference, earnings release, investor presentations of 17th November 2022 and building technology-related activities throughout the year. SI revenue growth is being led by strength in the Electrical Products business, which reported […]

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