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Webinar: Conferencing Devices – The Occupancy Analytics Tool You Didn’t Know You Had!

** The Recording of this Webinar can now be found HERE **

Please Join us on Wednesday 21st October 1600 CET | 1000 EDT | 1500 BST for our 8th FREE Webinar in the 2020 Smart Buildings Series.

Conferencing Devices: The Occupancy Analytics Tool You Didn’t Know You Had!. Memoori is joined by Richard Bayes, Collaboration Product Manager at Cisco for an in-depth discussion on the advances in video and audio conferencing devices. Cisco has a broad range of devices like the Cisco Webex Desk Pro which not only enhances collaboration but can now sense and understand the workplace environment through the camera, other sensors and AI technology.

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What We Will Be Discussing;

* How will Video & Audio Conferencing Devices Enhance Our Workplace Environments?

* How these devices will provide additional features to Clients like Occupancy Analytics and Room booking.

Space is limited and this LIVE Webinar will fill up because it is FREE and also a great opportunity to hear a genuine industry leader, discuss his ideas on Workplace Optimisation.​

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