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Webinar: The Five Pillars of Smart Asset Management

Please Join us on Tuesday 26th June 17:00 Central Europe Time (CET) for our 6th FREE Webinar in the 2018 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Project Haystack.

The Five Pillars of Smart Asset Management. Memoori Talks to Logan Soya from Aquicore about the model his company built to better understand the needs of the industry it works for, and how it applies to smart buildings companies.

How can smart building technology disrupt the asset management industry to create more value and better serve tenants? There is no shortage of new technology being introduced to serve the commercial real estate market, but for those solutions to succeed, it is essential that their creators understand the needs of the people they seek to help. To change an industry, you have to first understand its fundamental components.

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The Five Pillars of Smart Asset Management:

* Financial Performance – The efficiency with which a building conducts its financial business. This affects tenant satisfaction and the overall health of the portfolio containing that building.
* People Performance – The efficiency of the teams that run buildings. Buildings are living things that require constant work and attention. Maintaining effective, empowered teams with strong lines of communication is essential to all of the other pillars of asset management.
* Energy Performance – The amount of energy and other utilities consumed by a building. This has a profound effect on an individual building’s expenses and an aggregate effect on the environment.
* Equipment Performance – The health and energy efficiency of building equipment. A deep understanding of equipment performance is vital for asset managers to make informed investments.
* Environmental Performance – The conditions inside the building relevant to human health and comfort. Maintaining a comfortable building environment is an important determining factor for worker health and efficiency, making it a strong predictor of tenant satisfaction.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear a genuine expert share his experience and knowledge about Smart Buildings and Asset Management.

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