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Please Join us on Wednesday 11th May 4pm BST for the 1st FREE Webinar in our brand NEW 2016 Smart Cities Series. We have started a new series of Webinars to highlight the innovative Smart City Technology now coming to market and the cities implementing it.

In this 1st Webinar will be discussing the future of Smart Lighting with of one of the world’s leading innovators in LED lighting technology, Plessey Semiconductors. We will be joined by Plessey’s CEO Michael LeGoff and CTO/COO Dr Keith Strickland for an hour long Q&A Webinar.

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New York City

Webinar Highlights…

  • What makes Plessey’s GaN on Silicon semiconductor manufacturing process unique?
  • Where is the market for smart lighting solutions heading? What future investment strategies and supply chain relationships will work?
  • How will LED Lighting technology impact the Smart Cities of the Future?

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear Industry Leaders discuss their Smart City Ideas in depth. You will get the opportunity to put your own questions to the companies engaged in delivering Smart Cities.

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