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Webinar: Leveraging Semantic Tagging with a New Breed of Software

Please Join us on Wednesday 23rd October 1700 CEST | 1600 BST | 0900 EDT for our 10th FREE Webinar in the 2019 Smart Buildings Series, in Conjunction with J2 Innovations.

This is a FREE Q&A Webinar with Chris Irwin, VP Sales EMEA & Asia at J2 Innovations discussing “Simplifying Building Automation by Leveraging Semantic Tagging with a New Breed of Software”.

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What We Will Be Discussing;

* The problem of data complexity in building automation is widely recognised. Those who seek simplified engineering solutions designed for the data age will undoubtedly look to semantic tagging, which shows great promise.

* Memoori & J2 Innovations have collaborated on a Industry White Paper to highlight the benefits of semantic data tagging and how it is being used in J2’s FIN 5 framework. The White Paper will be made available to all Webinar attendees.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear an industry leader discuss their thoughts on semantic tagging and how it will benefit the smart building industry!

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