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Webinar: Reinventing DDC in the Age of Data Analytics

** Recording of this Webinar can now be found HERE **

Please Join us on Wednesday 24th January 17:00 CET for our 1st FREE Webinar in the 2018 Smart Buildings Series.

Reinventing DDC in the Age of Data Analytics! Memoori Talks to Jim Lee, CEO Cimetrics, Anto Budiardjo, CEO Anka Labs & Alper Üzmezler, CTO Anka Labs.

Can we rethink the DDC to become data-centric, able to perform analytics and capable of sending data to cloud systems?

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Webinar Highlights…

* As computing in edge devices become more powerful, the industry is looking at how best to make use of this resource. One approach is to move gateway class solutions to the edge, creating a sub-par real-time control solution. HOWEVER…
* Another more future proof strategy is to rethink the DDC to become data-centric, able to perform analytics, capable of sending data to cloud systems, all without the need of additional gateway hardware.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear 3 experts with decades of experience in the Building Automation Industry share their extensive knowledge of Building Analytics.

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Smart Buildings

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