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AI Employee Monitoring: Security Measure or Privacy Concern?

Artificially intelligent robots could, in the not too distant future, make human labor obsolete, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. To counter the threat to jobs and freedom, Musk co-founded a nonprofit organization to promote safe artificial intelligence (AI) research and has begun advocating for the benefits of a universal basic income to assist displaced workers. Some artificial intelligence technology is raising serious questions around privacy, security and productivity in the work environment. One London-based startup, and recipient of support from a cyber-security accelerator run by British intelligence agency GCHQ, is creating just such technology. StatusToday’s AI platform utilizes a continuous supply of employee metadata, including everything from the files you access, how long and often you look at them, to when you use a key card or go for lunch. Deviate from your normal rhythm and your new big robot brother will sound the alarm. “All of this gives us a fingerprint of a […]

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