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For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Stream from our 4th Free Webinar in the 2016 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Tridium

“China’s Security Industry Flexes Its Muscles!” A Webinar Q&A with Michael Yang CEO of the CPS Media Group. We discuss the Chinese market for Video Surveillance and it’s importance to the Global Security Market as a whole.

In this Webinar, we discuss how China’s Video Surveillance Companies are Exerting More and More Influence on the Global Security Market;

  • Who are the main players in the Chinese Video Surveillance market? Why have they grown so quickly? How long can the Video Surveillance market in China sustain such high levels of growth?
  • What is China’s 650 (or “Plan 3111″) Safe Cities Program and why is it driving demand for Security products? What does the Future look like for Foreign Security Companies operating in China?