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Audio: Cyber Security in 2017! What can Smart Buildings expect?

For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Recording from our 1st Smart Buildings Series conversation in 2017 – Cyber Security in 2017! What can Smart Buildings expect?.

This is a Q&A with Billy Rios, Founder of WhiteScope LLC. We take a deep dive into the Mirai DDoS Attacks from last year and try to understand what lessons can be learnt going forward.

In this Webinar, we take a comprehensive look at the Mirai DDoS Attacks from last year and try to understand what lessons can be learnt and what implications their are for Smart Buildings;

  • Lessons From the Dyn DDoS Attacks. What is the malware software, Mirai and how did it infect so many connected Video Cameras?
  • What can we expect in 2017? Will there be more Cyber Security attacks using Smart Building IoT Connected Devices?
  • What practical things can IoT manufacturers and Building Owners / Operators do to guard against Cyber Attacks.

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