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Audio: Cyber Security in Smart Buildings – The Elephant in the Room!

For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Stream from our 3rd Free Webinar in the 2015 Smart Building Series…

Cyber Security in Smart Buildings – The Elephant in the Room! – Q&A with Billy Rios, Cyber Security Expert & Founder of Laconicly

In this Webinar, Billy discusses in depth…

  • The current status of Cyber Security in Commercial Buildings (FYI – It is NOT good!)
  • What does a “typical” hack on a building look like?
  • What Manufacturers and Building owners can do NOW to make their buildings more secure.
  • What the future of Cyber Security looks like… and examples of best practice.


Our next scheduled FREE Webinar is;

Tuesday 28th April – “System Integration” with Jim Sinopoli. Jim is Managing Principal at Smart Buildings and a long time expert in Building Automation. It will be a broad ranging discussion looking at best practice in integrating different systems in buildings.

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