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Can Avigilon Deliver Video Analytics at the Edge?

There has been a lot of conjecture in the press as to why Avigilon has spent some $96 million on buying up patents in the Video Surveillance industry in the last 2 months. Not only is this unpresidented in the industry but even for Avigilon it will significantly reduced its ability to invest in more conventional strategic growth prospects. An ambitious fast growing company like Avigilon needs large sums of money to sustain growth, in addition to investing in R&D and business development. Its current move, betting on Video Analytics patents, could be a bridge too far. But is the motive about growth or protection; or as some cynics believe, the entry of new patent troll? This could cause great concern in the industry. Avigilon have not provide much detail about their new strategy other than the $13.3m recent purchase of video analytics patents that extend into behavioural recognition, video segmentation and meta-data. The patents […]

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