Smart Cities

The City as a Circuit Board: Smartness through Connectivity

Picture a modern city at night, viewed from directly above. Reminiscent of a circuit board with different electronic components (buildings) connected by conductive tracks (roads) to create one functioning entity from many smaller elements. Signals (people) travel along defined copper traces (roads) to deliver information and instructions to different parts of the circuit board. This represents the traditional city. Now imagine a circuit board where conductive tracks are multiplied exponentially, every element is connected to each other in multiple ways sending information almost instantly anywhere or everywhere simultaneously. This creates a highly complex, highly functional entity able to adapt in real-time to optimize performance and create new abilities. This represents the smart city. Smart cities are all about connectivity, not just from a technical perspective but also from a socio-economic perspective. They connect people with people, businesses with people, businesses with businesses, businesses and people with utilities, authorities with utilities and people and businesses… and […]

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Smart Buildings

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In this Research Note, we examine Nordomatic, the largest independent integrator of open, cloud-based smart building solutions in the Nordic region. This analysis is based on the Nordomatic 2021 Sustainability Report and their strategy to achieve global impact leadership within Smart Buildings by 2025. Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Nordomatic reports a turnover of around SEK 1 billion (around $100 […]

Smart Buildings

View Smart Buildings Business and Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine View Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW), a Silicon Valley-based smart window company founded in 2006. This analysis is based on their 2021 financial results, investor presentations, M&A and their smart buildings strategy.  View, one of the most heavily funded firms in the smart buildings space, acquired unicorn status in November 2018 when it raised a $1.1 billion Series […]

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