Smart Buildings

Cutting Through the Hype Surrounding Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already infiltrating our society and it has our smart buildings firmly in its sights; with the aim of accelerating the current wave of efficiency and insight flooding every corner of our built environment. The talk of AI might always sound like the distant future but the technology, in different forms, is already around us. “I’ve been hearing about AI for 30 years… but it was always a future promise. What’s different now?” asks Safra A. Catz, CEO, Oracle. “First, the underlying compute capability is so much faster, meaning systems can crunch through a deluge of data almost instantaneously. Two, the ability through software to manage and analyze that data is so much better,” he answers. AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines. It enables machines to learn, test and adapt their approaches in order to emulate tasks that normally require human intuition - such as complex decision-making or […]

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Smart Buildings

essensys Flexible Workspace Technology Business & 2022 New Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine the flexible workspace technology business of essensys, based on their full-year results announcement of 18th October 2022, investor presentations, annual report and activities throughout the year. Listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since 2019, Essensys provides a SaaS platform and on-demand cloud services which are the […]

Smart Buildings

Mapping View Inc.’s Smart Building Strategy

View is one of the most well-known brands in the area of dynamic glass and smart windows, which are becoming an increasingly common element in smart buildings. As a start-up, View rose to unicorn status in 2018 with support from a range of top investment funds and it was one of the first smart building […]

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