Smart Buildings

“Do It Once, But Do It Properly”: Overcoming Tech Obsolescence in Smart Buildings

Technology evolves quickly but buildings live a long time. That is the fundamental issue the smart building sector needs to address today. If we are to turn our bricks-and-mortar structures into digital environments, then we must develop a futureproof approach to upgrading technology at minimal cost and disruption, and within the long lifespan of a building. That was the focus of our live and interactive webinar last week. Our expert guests, Mike Hook from building transformation specialists, LMG, and building technology consultant, Ray D’Urso, discussed the lifespan of technologies amidst a rapidly changing landscape of user requirements and how technological evolution is impacting how we design and construct the buildings of tomorrow. According to Hook and D’Urso, this all starts by developing a robust infrastructure that will stand the test of time. Infrastructure provides connectivity and connectivity provides the basis of smart buildings, therefore, it is essential to get that infrastructure right from the outset. […]

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