Smart Buildings

Future Proofing Smart Buildings Against the “4 Vs” of the Growing Data Challenge

The four Vs of big data have long been a central part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building discussion. As the number and complexity of devices and systems within buildings increase, so does the Variety, Velocity, Volume, and Veracity of the data generated. It is these four Vs that have created the demand for “big data” strategies, which have become central to smart building development. The four Vs are also at the center of the rapidly emerging topic of future proofing, as handling the increases of these data characteristics will be one of the biggest challenges facing our increasingly intelligent commercial buildings. An inability to handle this challenge will limit an organization’s capacity to derive value from their data, and will likely make investments in smart technology seem insufficient or poorly managed, relative to others. Data has become so fundamental to building and business operations that a new role has emerged atop […]

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Smart Buildings

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The vast majority of buildings are small and not very smart, and it is their small size that limits their “intelligence” by restricting their access to smart building technology. A staggering 94% of US office space is housed in properties under 50,000 square feet, according to the latest data from Energy Star, and that proportion is […]


Building Better Fire Protection with Smart Technology

The destructive relationship between fire and buildings is as old as the history of buildings themselves. Fire protection has been a key reason for the development of new materials, construction methods, and safety protocols since the earliest buildings and each major fire acts as a trigger for innovation and regulation. The response to the Great Fire […]

Smart Buildings

Real Estate Service Firms Continue to Invest in Smart Building Tech in 2022

Acquisitions, partnerships and investments are playing an increasingly important role in implementing strategic goals for major stakeholders in the built environment, particularly in providing access to the range of innovative technologies being developed in the smart buildings space. We have seen a wave of investment by real estate services firms into technology solutions in 2021 with […]

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