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Live Stream: AI IoT Edge Applications Insights and Trends

Join us on Tuesday 25th April at 1130 Paris | 1030 London | 0630 New York | 1430 Dubai for a FREE 30-minute Live Stream with AI Processor Startup Greenwaves Technologies to Discuss the Trends Impacting Smart Building IoT Applications.

The Recording of this Live Stream is now available! Click Here.

We will be joined by Martin Croome, VP of Marketing, GreenWaves Technologies. GreenWaves are a fabless semiconductor startup, based in Grenoble, France. They design ultra-low-power RISC-V processors which can interpret and transform data sources such as images, sounds and radar signals using AI, which can be used in many Smart Building IoT Edge Applications.

Earlier this year, they raised €20M in funding to ramp up production of their GAP9 and to develop next-gen processors.

IoT Edge Connected Devices Smart Building Solution Maturity

Aspects of IoT Edge Applications we will be Discussing

  • What are the important trends in AI processor development & how will they impact the application of technology in smart buildings?
  • What is the number of connected IoT edge devices installed in commercial smart buildings & what factors are driving growth in the installed base?

Space is limited and this LIVE Stream will fill up because it is FREE and also a great opportunity to hear an in-depth discussion on the trends impacting IoT Edge Applications in commercial real estate.

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