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Yesterday the Obama Administration announced several programs and initiatives that should help add IT to the electrical power grid in the US. ‚ So far investment by the current US administration totals some $4.5 billion, which was matched by $5.5 billion in private money. Monday’s announcement will follow up on this.

The 9 programs and initiatives announced are as follows;

  • A minimum of $250 million in loans for smart grid projects in rural places in U.S, as well as a potential $106 million in upgrades.
  • A new non-profit program called Grid 21, which will focus on spurring consumer-facing tools enabling consumers to reduce energy consumption.
  • DOE working on new projects, including a crowd-sourced map to track progress of smart grid projects and a student competition around home energy efficiency.
  • Launch of a new website –
  • A new “Renewable Energy Rapid Response Team,” that will review clean power and transmission line projects and improve “federal coordination” for getting clean power projects deployed.
  • Creation of ways for grid operators to have access to information about threats to the power grid, and creation of security standards.
  • In the President’s fiscal year 2012 budget, the DOE has asked for funds to build a “Smart Grid Innovation Hub,”.
  • The DOE program “Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)” will support new smart grid research.
  • The administration released a report that focuses on 4 ways to help modernize the grid, including how to better align economic incentives that will spur smart grid technologies.