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Podcast #9: Are we Crossing the PropTech Chasm?

In this new Podcast series, Memoori explores the intersection between technology and commercial real estate through interesting conversations.

Are we Crossing the PropTech Chasm? In episode #9 we talked to Geoffrey Moore, best selling author and business strategist known for his working including ‘Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers‘. We discussed the impact of technology innovation on commercial real estate and strategies that businesses can adopt to manage the disruptive forces of innovation.

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2 thoughts on “Podcast #9: Are we Crossing the PropTech Chasm?

  1. Geoff Moore Adoption Vs James Dice What’s Holding Industry Back first 20+ podcasts

    1st Geoff macro vs James micro

    2nd Pension/Private Equity Risk Adverse
    Reality = Zero Adoption Until Proven
    although inkling corp venture labs ie
    Greentown Labs &

    3rd. Lots of moving pieces ie triangle of
    trust tech adoption vs fundamentals
    1 commercial real estate downsizing
    2 recession/inflation & rightsizing
    3 workforce productivity ie hybrid WFH
    4 Russia wars/on-shore supply chains
    5 etc CRE “office” purpose redefined

    Summary: It’ll be long slog – not this decade, and
    M&A more likely roll ups vs large establishments crossing chasm don’t work with trust startups meanwhile NPV/ROI established multi-nationals that enable prop tech VC multiples vs ROI must make economic sense — that’s gonna take time

    Huge topic reality — no clear path multiple hurdles

    Recommend you listen James Dice first 2o+ podcasts and also read his 97% long tail < 50k square feet not to mention most bldgs old can’t retrofit easily vs office to residential conversions etc

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