Smart Buildings

Sensing Machine Failure Before it Happens Through Predictive Maintenance

Unexpected downtime is terrible for any facility. Whether it’s a factory, data center or an office building, the impacts of unexpected downtime are wide-ranging and difficult to measure. When a key system suddenly fails; earnings may drop to zero, costs may remain high, stock may spoil, compensation may be due, customers may be lost, and reputation may be tarnished. When these events occur, the clock starts ticking and every minute costs. This forces management and maintenance teams into frantic and stressful scenarios, where rash and expensive decisions become the best course of action. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, smart predictive maintenance systems are able to reduce the vast majority of unanticipated downtime by alerting maintenance teams before a system fails. Typically, predictive maintenance for building systems involves scheduled servicing on certain dates or after a certain number of operating hours. Similar to your car, where simple historical data has determined that it […]

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Smart Buildings

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Smart Buildings

Mapping View Inc.’s Smart Building Strategy

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