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Smart Building Data Silos are Not Sustainable for the Market or the Environment

Picking just the low-hanging fruits of green efficiency is not enough to make real progress in the fight against climate change. The phasing out of incandescent lighting for LED technology was relatively easy considering the lifespan of light bulbs is measured in months. The ongoing transition to electric mobility is a greater challenge with vehicles typically lasting for years or decades, but still a relatively simple shift in the wider context. However, to really alter the course of the environmental crisis and meet the ambitious new goals placed by national and regional governments we must tackle the biggest challenges to our climate goals, such as the efficiency of our long-lived buildings that contribute approximately 40% of global carbon emissions. “The conclusions of COP26 are clear: we have to speed up to keep the 1.5°C targets within reach. That is a priority of the new German government and the guiding principle for the EU Green Deal,” […]

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There has been a steady transition towards cloud-based as-a-service business models for smart building services over the past decade. This gradual shift began to challenge long-established business models, relationships, and channels of distribution and was met with some resistance from certain segments of the industry. These cloud-based as-a-service business models require that manufacturers and systems […]

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