Strategic Buys Drive Acquisitions Growth but the Major Security Companies and VC’s Keep Their Powder Dry

Well it was always going to be difficult to follow on from last month, when the industry posted the biggest monthly acquisition spend on record and not surprisingly it has failed to keep up this pace. But nevertheless, consolidation continues at a high rate and this month has thrown up some interesting trends that are taking place and lessons to be learnt. The consolidation process in the security industry ran out of steam in August 2008 coinciding with the financial melt-down and it re-ignited some 15 months later in the last quarter of 2009. This coincided with the return of confidence that the security business had turned the corner, trading conditions were more stable and most major players had built up their cash reserves. In the meantime the general economic gloom has not fully lifted but as we show later companies at the high tech end of the market are growing at 20% plus and […]

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