Net Zero Buildings Explored: Cambridge University’s Civil Engineering Building

February 23rd, 2024

Net Zero Buildings Explored: NASA Sustainability Base

December 15th, 2023
Smart Cities

Making Citizens The Center Of The Equation In A Collaborative Smart City

The city of Chicago received 182,000 claims, totaling $735 million, over just five years in regard to flooding alone. The key, it realized, was the ability of its soil to absorb water from rainfall. So the city enacted several initiatives from bioswales and planters containing highly absorbent plants, to permeable pavers to aid rainwater filtration. […]

Smart Buildings

Predictions Suggest a Sharp Fall in Energy Storage Costs

A report published by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency last week predicts a “mega-shift” to energy storage adoption, driven by demand. The report expects to see the costs of lithium-ion batteries fall by 60% in less than 5 years, and by 40% for flow batteries, and all this without significant changes in chemistry and technology, […]

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