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Smart Buildings

Bravida’s Smart Building Automation Business Examined

May 20th, 2022
Smart Buildings

HVAC Industry Demonstrates the Flexible Power of Digital Systems in a Crisis

April 21st, 2020
Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings: Connected Technology in a Disconnected Industry

The smart building is, in essence, a set of interconnected building systems. The industry that surrounds those smart buildings, however, is epitomized by its disconnectedness. This irony is more than just an amusing fact. It highlights a serious issue in the smart building sector, one that holds back growth and limits the understanding of the […]

Smart Buildings

The Building Controls Sector Could Learn A Lot From Personal Computing

Many technology vendors see an opportunity to separate the hardware from the software in building controls systems. Thus enabling a more robust technology product to control the hardware that already exists in buildings, according to senior smart buildings, IoT and energy product management consultant, Joseph Aamidor. In a recent article for Greentech Media, Aamidor highlights […]

Smart Buildings

Some Building Systems Are Born Smart, Others Have Smartness Thrust Upon Them

“Some building systems are born smart, some achieve smartness and some have smartness thrust upon them,” Shakespeare might have said if he were a 21st century mechanical engineer or facility manager working in Chicago. Taking center-stage in the ambitious Midwest city is a smart building retrofit worthy of applause. Completed in 1990, 311 South Wacker […]


Where and How does Physical Security fit into the IoT Landscape?

Back in December last year we published the second part of our two part paper What the Customer Needs to Meet the Challenge of IoT & Data-Ism… In Part 1 we discussed customers needs as the physical security equipment business gradually developed products that improved performance, reduced cost and enhanced value add services over the […]

Smart Buildings

Internet of Things is THE Solution to Today’s Smart Building Inadequacies

We have now entered the third wave of Information Technology which will be even more profound than the previous 2; that have already changed the world over the last 50 years. Below we discuss some of the findings from our recent research into the Internet of Things in Smart Buildings – Connected products in […]

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