Smart Cities

European Utilities Expand Beyond the Meter into IoT, Building Performance Software & Energy Services

November 3rd, 2017
Smart Buildings

The Shifting Channels of Distribution for Building Performance Software

April 7th, 2017
Smart Buildings

Regulation could provide Vehicle for Growth of Energy Software in Europe

US suppliers currently dominate the Enterprise Energy Management Software (EEMS) market, according to our Recent Report. In this article we speculate on what this means to the future of this growing industry sector. EEMS is defined as IT based software and services which are used to monitor, manage, control and report on building energy performance, […]

Smart Cities

New York Initiative Forges Virtual Power Plant Partnership

This summer, Con Edison and SunPower Corp. will partner on a $15 million pilot program to offer solar power systems with battery storage to more than 300 New York homeowners. The aggregation of hundreds of homes with solar power and battery storage will provide the utility with a cost-effective and innovative virtual power plant, providing […]

Smart Cities

How is the Smart Grid Business Performing – What Shape is it in Now

Before we answer the question let’s paint some of the background to the smart grid business. Last month we posed the question “Will Smart Grid outperform its Clean Tech Cousins?”. We concluded that for a number of reasons smart grid offers a less risky investment to both financers and players, and that there was a […]

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