Mapping the Strategic Direction of ADT Security

September 29th, 2022
Smart Cities

Commercial Real Estate & the Sharing Economy

March 7th, 2022
Smart Cities

Apps Will be as Important to Smart Cities as they are to Smartphones

“The primary challenge to building a smart city has nothing to do with pouring concrete and erecting steel beams. It’s knowing better the city’s flows to optimize the city for its inhabitants. It’s turning all of the data that comes streaming in from myriad sources into actionable information,” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, founder and CEO […]

Smart Buildings

The Changing Nature of the Corporate – StartUp Relationship

A startup company grows and grows until it proven itself, then a corporation acquires it, at least that is how the old story goes. The new story, however, is quite different, at least in the smart building sector. “Corporations and start-ups have begun working together in fundamentally new ways, with a focus on flexible, early-stage, […]

Smart Cities

Have You Ever Considered How Diverse The Smart City Sector Is?

Have you ever considered how diverse the smart city sector is? Think about the variety of companies from different industries it brings together, along with government agencies, academics, social enterprises, urbanists and community leaders. Is there anything quite like that in the modern world? Smart Cities could be called the Urban IoT and by definition […]

Smart Cities

The Continued Disruption Caused by the Internet of Things Signifies its Progress

The “political dimension” of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities is now becoming increasingly apparent as city authorities and citizens are forced to wake up to the social changes that connected technology brings. That’s according to Léan Doody, associate director at consulting engineering firm Arup, speaking at the Internet of Things Business Summit […]

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