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The Workplace Experience Apps Market within Commercial Office Space will Rise to $988m by 2025

The publication of our new research report comes at a time of unprecedented challenge for the commercial real estate industry. With many occupiers exploring options to downsize offices and move to hybrid working, a growing number of landlords are eager to tap into the opportunity for a more digitized workplace experience.

Workplace experience apps are proving to be a key software tool in this area. In particular, the health, safety and security of building occupants is of critical importance as we enter the post-pandemic era, and mobile apps are helping to deliver solutions for these requirements.

The Global Workplace Experience Apps market within Commercial Office Space is estimated at $406 Million in 2020, rising to $988 Million by 2025, growing at a rate of 19% CAGR.

Our analysis also confirms that Europe is leading the market for workplace experience apps in the digital office sector. Combined with the higher number of deployments in the region, European software startups have so far taken the lead in developing apps totally focused on human centric occupant experiences.

This timely report will help all investors and stakeholders engaged in commercial real estate to understand this nascent, rapidly evolving market which has accelerated in the last two years, driven by new ways of working demanded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report focuses on building occupant-centric apps with a link to workplace infrastructure and therefore excludes solutions aimed exclusively at facilities management professionals and also those apps which are solely focused on employee communications, without any link to workplace infrastructure.

Within its 149 pages and 31 charts, this brand-new report filters out all the key facts and draws conclusions, so you can understand exactly what is shaping the future of app technology within commercial office space. The report also includes 4 detailed spreadsheets at no additional extra cost. For more information, visit;

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