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Virtual Power Plants Make it Easier to Introduce Renewables but Need Better Policy

Greater energy consumption accelerates climate change but climate change also accelerates energy consumption. That’s according to a recent paper by Bas J. van Ruijven, Enrica De Cian, and Ian Sue Wing, that suggests southern regions of the US, China, and Europe, will see an additional 25% energy consumption due to climate change alone. That’s 25% on top of energy demand increases from population growth, industrial expansion, and other socio-economic factors. “Future energy demand is likely to increase due to climate change, but the magnitude depends on many interacting sources of uncertainty,” begins the paper - Amplification of Future Energy Demand Growth due to Climate Change - published in Nature Journal. “Energy use is one of the human systems most directly exposed to changes in the climate. Rising ambient temperatures are expected to increase hot season cooling demand and could decrease cold season heating demand across multiple economic sectors,” it concludes across 210 realizations of socioeconomic […]

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Megvii Announces $935M IPO as China’s AI Dragons Prepare to Fly

“As a society, we have experienced three distinct industrial revolutions: steam power, electricity, and information technology. I believe artificial intelligence (AI) is the engine fueling the fourth industrial revolution globally, digitizing and automating everywhere,” says Kai-Fu Lee, chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and author of ‘AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future’. “China is at the […]

Smart Cities

Can Digital Twins Offer Long-Term Solutions to a Building Safety Crisis?

On June 14th 2017, a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower, a high-rise residential block in northwest London, and claimed the lives of 72 people. The subsequent inquiry found fundamental failings at every stage of the building safety process, from construction, to regulation, inspection, and emergency response. In reaction, the UK government launched a review […]

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