Smart Cities

‘We’ Don’t Sell Flexible Office Space, ‘We’ Sell Modern Urban Lifestyles

WeWork has created a lot of buzz with its flexible contracts and millennial-hipster style branding for what is essentially a "Regus-esque" office real-estate play. Its sister firms in the education and residential spaces have not troubled the stance of critical investment experts who have sometimes painted WeWork as the symbol of over-funding in the startup space. Softbank continued to back the company’s rapid and risky international expansion, novel projects continue to emerge, and intriguing acquisitions have been made. Recently, WeCompany announced their intention to move into the smart cities space, a direction that when considered alongside other strategies, suggests bold and far-reaching ambitions for the firm. It seems like WeCompany won’t just provide a space for the startup-gig-freelance community but rather provide the startup-gig-freelance lifestyle to cities across the world. In 2010, WeCompany CEO Adam Neumann co-founded WeWork with Miguel McKelvey, now WeCompany’s chief creative officer at their first co-working space in the Soho district […]

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Smart Cities

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In 1950 only 30% of people lived in urban areas, now over 56% of people live in increasingly crowded cities – and that is expected to rise to 66% by 2050 as an additional 2.5 billion people join the global urban population. Urbanization creates numerous issues for citizens, including congestion, pollution, and poverty, but our crowded […]

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Smart Buildings

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Smart Cities

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What is the ultimate goal of smart technology? Is it to maximize productivity in workplaces? Is it to achieve net-zero energy performance? Is it to accurately predict human behavior? Is it to create digital urban utopias? Or, is it simply to make life better for users? There may be no right answer but all of […]

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