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Please Join us on Thursday 14th November 1700 CEST | 1600 GMT | 0900 EDT for our 11th FREE Webinar in the 2019 Smart Buildings Series.

This is a FREE Q&A Webinar with Erik Wallin & Per Karlberg from Idun Real Estate discussing “Unlocking Smart Building Potential with the RealEstateCore Ontology”.

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What We Will Be Discussing;

* The ever-increasing amount of building data needs to be organized if it is to contribute to cost-efficient and environmentally friendly real estate management. This is where RealEstateCore can help; an open source semantic web ontology combined with a business usefulness approach.

* A shared language used by all data schemas enables property owners to connect their buildings with new services on a large scale, and not have to worry about building or technology specific implementation details and formats. It is already being used in Idun’s platform ProptechOS.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear an industry leader discuss their thoughts on semantic ontologies and how they can benefit the smart building industry!

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