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Please Join us on Wednesday 31st July 1700 CEST | 1600 BST | 1100 EDT | 0800 PDT for our 7th FREE Webinar in the 2019 Smart Buildings Series.

Why is Brick a Game Changer for Smart Buildings? Please join us for a FREE Q&A Webinar with Founder Members of Brick: Gabe Fierro, University of California, Berkley & Jason Koh, University of California, San Diego. Other founding members of Brick joining the Webinar: Yuvraj Agarwal, Carnegie Mellon University & Mario Berges, Carnegie Mellon University. Learn about how the Brick Schema can Help Overcome Challenges in Building IoT Data Management.

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What We Will Be Discussing;

* Data silos from various proprietary systems in the building industry present unique challenges in application development to make buildings smarter. A complete, expressive and usable common data representation is key to enable portability and interoperability among IoT devices and applications.

* Learn about how the Brick Schema can help overcome challenges in building IoT data management and application development with some real world examples.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear a genuine expert share their experience and knowledge of developing a uniform schema for representing metadata in buildings!

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